Fal publications began in 2004, publishing an eclectic range of poetry, fable and community titles.

After a pause of seven years or so, we are delighted to announce a new book On the Contrary by Georgian poet Lia Sturua, translated by Natalia Bukia-Peters and Victoria Field, published in March 2023.

The launch event is Friday 5th May in London. Tickets are available here.


After which, you will be able to order books directly.

The following are all out of print but widely available from second-hand online bookshops.

  • Keeping House by Bill Mycock (2004) ISBN13 9780954498023
  • Olga’s Dreams by Victoria Field (2004) ISBN13 9780954498009
  • Dear Shadows by D. M. Thomas (2004) ISBN13 9780954498016
  • Sleeping In The Rain (2004) ISBN13 9780954498030
  • Once in a Blue Moon by Angela Stoner (2005) ISBN13 9780954498047
  • Seiriol the Dragon by Dominic Power (2006) ISBN13 9780954498061
  • The Devil and the Floral Dance by D. M. Thomas (2006) ISBN13 9780954498054
  • Many Waters: Poems from Ten Months at Cornwall’s Cathedral by Victoria Field (2006) ISBN13 9780954498078
  • Prompted to Write: Three Years of Words for Well-Being in Cornwall by Zeeba Ansari & Victoria Field (2007/2010) ISBN13 9780955566127
  • Knights of Love: After the “Lais of Marie de France” by Jane Tozer (2007) ISBN13 9780954498085
  • The Gift by Victoria Field (2007) ISBN13 9780955566103
  • October Guests by Caroline Carver, Penelope Shuttle & Victoria Field (2009) ISBN13 9780955566110
  • Giacomo Ponti by Dato Magradze (2012) ISBN13 9780955566134
  • Climbing the Sky in Colours by Victoria Field (2014) ISBN13 9780955566141
  • Footprints on Water by Dato Magradze (2015) ISBN13 9780955566158