Ordinary life: the plenty and thick of it.


This disarmingly simple poem by Lisel Mueller is called Curriculum Vitae and describes a long life in 20 short stanzas with allusions to the great events of history.

The Latin phrase – the course of a life – carries echoes of the various meanings of curriculum – a course, a race, even a fast chariot.

Time feels like that sometimes, one event coming hard on the heels of another.  I’m reminded today of the wonderful Storytelling for Health conference in Swansea last month. A gift of a conference – so many intriguing sessions all connected through story.

I was there with Anne Taylor, my colleague from The Professional Writing Academy – here she is, on the right, discussing how stories work on our courses in cyberspace.

The organisers of the conference – Art for Health Wales, have collected a series of blog posts here.  Mine is somewhere towards the end.

As the fast chariot of time races along, I want to capture some of the luminous moments of earlier this summer.  As Lisel Mueller writes:

The brilliant days and nights are 
breathless in their hurry. We follow, you and I.